History of the Garden

The Garden was founded in the first half of the 19th century, in the style of the English gardens of Georgian age. In 1870 the garden came into the possession of Count Sándor Vigyázó, devotee of science, who, together with Vilmos Jámbor, famous landscape gardener of his age, have it transformed into a rich botanic garden.
In the early years of this century the garden was famous for the richness of its tree-species, rock-gardens, greenhouses.
The Vigyázó family passed his estate to the Academy of Sciences, but the botanic garden in Vácrátót got, after many mishaps, into the administration of the Museum of Natural Sciences only in the May of 1946, and laying the foundations of the botanic garden was started in 1950. In 1952, when the Hungarian Academy of Sciences took possession of the estate and in this place the Research Institute for Botany was established the garden began to develop rapidly.
The war damages having been reconstructed and the ruins and bush cleared away, the garden was started to be restored to its original beauty according to the original plans but with a lot more species. In 1961 it opened its doors to the public and since then has been an organic part of the Research Institute for Botany, a live laboratory, experimental area of the researches.