Fauna of the Garden

The protected garden with its diverse plant cover provides an excellent habitat for different animals.
The stone wall around the garden determines which mammal animal groups can live here. These are rodents (red squirrels, hazel dormouses), small predators (beech martens, least weasels, foxes, european otters), insectivora (hedgehog, shrews and several bat species).
62 bird species nest here according to monitoring data taken so far. Thrushes, tits, woodpeckers, warblers, owls, nightingales, chaffinches, greenfinches, nuthatches and some rare species can be found here.
Many lizards and amphibians also find favourable habitats in the garden. 22 fish species live in our ponds. 73 terrestrial and aquatic mollusc species inhabit this area. Due to the diverse plant life insects can be found in great variety. The fauna is also under protection.