Géza Kósa

Honorary Associate Professor
Head of the National Botanical Garden, dendrologist, gardener-botanist, curator of dendrological collection

Telephone: +36 28 360 122/125 extension
Fax: +36 28 360 110
E-mail: kosa.geza(at)okologia.mta.hu

Research topics:
dendrology, dendroflora of East- and Central-Asia , introduction of dendrotaxa, historical gardens, living plant collections, botanical gardens

Curriculum vitae:


MSc 1973. University of Horticulture, Faculty of Horticultural Science in dendrology and ornamental plant growing Budapest, Hungary
1979 Tutor and consultant of university theses
1995- Guest professor at Corvinus University (and its predecessors) Faculty of Horticultural Science and Faculty of Landscape Architecture (subjects: "Special Dendrology", "The vegetation of the Earth", "Plants of Historical Gardens")


1973-1975 Member of the Environment Protection and Nature Conservation Committee of Békés County
1975- Scientific management and development of the Dendrological Collection (as curator) in the Botanical Gardens belonging to the Institute of Ecology and Botany; Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Introduction of new dendrotaxa with special interest to their use in amenity gardens and botanical collections
Directing of the technical maintenance of the Botanical Gardens (as keeper)
Designation of new nature conservation areas in Hungary
1978-1998: Propagation and ex-situ conservation of endangered plant species
1984- Comparative analysis of East-Asian, Central-Asian and Hungarian dendroflora with special attention to utilization and drought resistance
1990: Designing and starting of the National Botanical Garden at Sokoine; University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania
1991-1994: Investigations of stability in open grasslands
1992-1993: Evaluation of sites within the territory of the future Duna-Ipoly National Park
1992-1995: Environmental impact assessment for new linear facilities and roads, preparation of nature conservation part
1993- Getting up of Hungarian National Collection program (in living Collections); participation in National Gene-bank Program
1996- Teaching in the University of Horticulture – Budapest, subjects: “Special Dendrology”, “Vegetation of the Earth”, and “Plants of Historical Gardens”
1998-2002 General editor of Kert-Kultúra /Garden & Culture/ journal
1998- Curator of the Hungarian National Bonsai Collection
1999- Member of the Hungarian Gene-Conservation Council
2002- Head of the National Botanical Garden of Institute of Ecology and Botany, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2002- President of Association of Hungarian Arboreta and Botanical Gardens
2003- Mentor at “Fund for Researcher Students”
2005-2010 Participation in ENSCONET (European Native Seed Conservation Network) EU project (Kew-Millenium Seed Bank)
2010-2011 Leader of general development project (KMOP-3.2.1.) of National Botanical Garden at Vácrátót
2010-2014 Seed-collecting coordinator of Pannon Seed Bank

Travel (ONLY official study trips and plant-collecting expeditions):

Abkhazia, Armenia (4 times), China (6 times), India (3 times), Iran (3 times), Israel, Japan, Kenya, Kirghizstan (2 times), Mongolia (4 times), Nepal, N-Korea (3 times), S-Korea (2 times), Tajikistan (3 times), Tanzania (3 times), Uzbekistan, Vietnam (6 times)


6 books
10 book-sections
173 papers
10 abstracts
1 CD-rom


MABOSZ, /Association of Hungarian Arboreta and Botanical Gardens/
&bnsp (secretary, 1992 -2002., president 2002-)
Royal Horticultural Society, UK.),
Alpine Garden Society (U.K.),
Cyclamen Society (U.K.),
International Dendrological Research Institute (USA),
TIT Teleki László Ismeretterjesztő Egyesület

Awards, honours:

2007. “Ornamental Plant Gardener of the Year”
2009. “Honour for the Improvement of Hungarian Horticulture”
2010. “Secretary-General's Award” (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
2012. Honorary Associate Professor (Corvinus University)
2016. "Recognition of the Devoted Work in Vocational Education" (Szent István University + Association of Hungarian Ornamental Gardeners)
2017. For high quality work: "Hungarian Order of Merit, Knight’s Cross Civil Division Award"