Development of the national botanical garden at Vácrátót

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Type: 100% EU financed

Registration number: KMOP-3.2.1/B-09-2009-0001

Duration: 2010-2011

Project leader: Géza Kósa, botanikus kert vezetője

Staff: Erzsébet Fráter, László Gerencsér, Gergely Lunk, Éva Szakács

Main project activities:
1. Development of the garden’s plant material, tree surgery on old trees, protecting the garden against invasive plant species.
2. Renewing the heatig system and glass cover of the tropical greenhouse, renewing the propagating plant beds.
3. Renovating the irrigation system, building water draining ditches along the beds, renovating the locks of the pond system, silt removal from ponds.
4. Fixing and building protective fences.
5. Communication and education regarding the project activities.

1.Increasing the garden’s plant material by 1443 plant taxa, tree surgery on 243 old trees, protecting the garden against invasive plant species.
2. Saving energy in the tropical greenhouse, ensuring the propagating and management of plant material.
3. Ensuring the safety of irrigation; protecting the plant beds from flooding and sediments from roads, preventing silt buildup in pond system, providing good waterquality in ponds.
4. Protection against plant losses by stealing and treading by visitors.
5. Informing the public and the botanical garden ’trade’ about the project.